Our Vision

First Vision:

  • Key Areas: Market Development, Geographical Expansion & Brand Recognition
  • It was a great journey laying the foundation of our company and establishing us as a well-known company in the Agri-commodity industry.
  • Since its inception, the company has grown significantly. Human resources are a key factor in our growth. In our first 5-year plan, we focused on developing our team. We strongly believe in investing in the growth of our team as we can only grow if our team grows in all areas of work.

Second Vision:

  • Key Areas: Geographical Expansion, Product Line Expansion, Investment in Value Chain Assets
  • We have a target to invest in all levels of the supply chain to achieve backward and forward integration, which will help us become more independent by procuring products directly from farmers and selling directly to wholesalers and local buyers. The second plan involves buying or building processing plants in all continents where we have a presence. Despite the ups and downs in some years, we have continued to pursue our plan.

Current Vision:

  • Enter the retail market with new packaging.
  • Serve with a value-added product range through our facilities that prioritize customer satisfaction and needs. Our supply chain adds value to our end consumers and our business.